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Pokeborn [fanart] LOLz


ok I supposed to be sleeping(again) o_o...but i'm with a little insomnia this days >.>
sooo i played Pokemon Diamond because it makes me sleep(lolz yes i know ~)...it didn't worked(this time), then i started drawing random things
don't ask why..but it came to Pokemon+Reborn

Gokudera = Umbreon, his trainer is Yamamoto
Tsuna =  Eevee(that became a flareon..x burner..lol), his trainer Mukuro

i switch too: Yama = wooper (they r so happy)
the others are secret xD    


Ready? GO!Collapse )

Hope u like it o/

See yaaa...comments r welcome xD

Little Story ~

Yoo ~~

I love drawing...but in my opinion i don't do it well, but i try D: ... an don't have a table Ç____Ç *crying out loud*
nowadays i'm obsessed with KHR(ok 8059...gokudera *q*..), soooo i did this short "funny" story based on the "Kaibutsu Tsugai Tsuna" stories x3
*Jeez....i can draw Dera...but Yama is so hard to me D:

Photobucket  Photobucket
** the paper is really thin...so Yama is so messy ...sorry about that ;_;'
Here u go :3Collapse )

If necessarie here the story:

They are walking together when Zombie Yama notice Neko Dera's Tail...obviously he wants to grab it(it's yama lol what can i do? xD), soo using his other arm as a tool he grabs it...
Dera became really pissed and start yelling at him...Yama just stay quiet. With more attention he notice something strange...WTF?!Yama's Brain(Takeshi) pulled out because he was suprised with Dera's anger xD

not funny at all..but cute..I TRIED Ç_Ç


Good nightt~~
Thank u for ur time x3...comments r welcome :D

OH! almost forgot I did this too o_o: Cute scene :DCollapse )
 Don't know how to make hands...so... HIDE THEM LOL

Rest in peace Eternal Rose...

Ok I'm Shoked...Jasmine You, the Bassist(Bass) of a Japanese band(one of my favorites) called "Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~" has died...

He was sick...but there was no more information about his health condicion...so on August 9th(Today) in the morning...they informed his death...
I went two times in their shows...he was so elegant and energetic...We'll miss him so much...

At least he is not suffering anymore, in a better place...

I can't imagine how the other members of the group(Hizaki, Kamijo, Teru and Yuki) are feeling now...they were really good friends...

It's really sad...but now we have to do everything to support them!!!!
~like a rose, he'll be eternal y_y ~

ps: sorry about my bad english...=T
Much Love and Random Stuff!

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